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mga adik
IMBICILE piece of shit Sick
Easy brad, let him be na lang. Hayaan niyo sila magalit, natural lang yan sa takot o ayaw tanggapin ang katotohanan.
Adik ba kamo ? hahahaha . sir , Being addicted to marijuana is not a bad thing . Marijuana has been with us since ancient times . Kung sa bibliya tayo mag babase , Mas nauna pa ito keysa sa tao . Inshort , Ginawa ito ng diyos at hindi kasalanan ang pag admire nito kasi wala namang side effects sa katawan pwera nalang kung gusto mo mag opium ! dun ka bagay ! HAHAHA
Getting HIGH is like freedom .
Yes bro, yaan na lng natin si christianong baluktot. pero wala namang adik sa mj kasi wala namang adiccting factor ito right? We all love being high kaya tayo'y gumagamit Smile which is not bad all in all, Compare sa yosi na 4,000 different chemicals, at least 50 are known to be carcinogens tapos yun pa ang legal :ohmy:
Knowledge is power

research on your own!!!!

wag maniwala sa mga tinuro sa inyo ng bata ka! hahahah!
Laughtrip yung mga comment ! HAHAHAHA
ang cool ng mga tao di2 kay hatred comment o mag troll ka d2 wala silang pake labs ka pa din nila wahahaha peace out everybody
you seem stressed, MIGHT AS WELL HAVE A JOINT!
"Canna-hunting in lower asia."
"All I need is mary mary mary I ain't fuckin' with no other drugs!"

Sana isama na ng deped ang pagtuturo ng cannabis sa school. HAHA! :lol:
This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.
Well, instead telling that dude/dudette he's a piece of shit or other name callings, why not check their point of view first? Not thru cyber bullying. I get that shit a lot. Trust me.

People here (In our place) keeps on telling me it's bad, I'm a bad guy. Marijuana will not do good for me and all those jazz. But before I judge them and call them names, I ask them their opinion on why they think it's bad then I give them my opinion on why I use it and just ask for respect as we respect non users as well.

'Cause we can't help it. Vast majority in our country are against the plant itself and they are under the impression that users of this plant are not on their "normal" state or being. Some even thinks it could affect our brains and the way we think. And most of 'em thinks that we're bad. And that's it.

So it makes sense. If a non user would say shit against a user and the user fights back with harsh words or troubling moves, then the non user would use your actions against you and tell you that it's because of marijuana that's why we acted in a bad way. But if we approach them in a better way, then they'd think, "These stoners aren't bad after all."

And just tbh, some of 'em actually tried it. I've never met anyone who've tried it and went against marijuana.

In conclusion, those who says shit against cannabis have never tried it before.


Pardon me if some of the statements doesn't make sense. I'm kinda flipped over.
Naglalakad ako ng nakangiti sabay may nakasalubong na kaibigan sabay sabi niya, "Baliw ka na, nakangiti ka magisa diyan na naglalakad, e."

Sabi ko, "Baka kayong lahat ang baliw, mga malungkot kayo maglakad, e."

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