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Why do you smoke?
I started smoking weed just for fun.. After a year of stopping and piled up with stress and pressure.. I was able to get back and stay blazed stress free and smooth sailing since then

Newbie lang sa site na to hehe..waddup
to enjoy reality Smile
mas masaya ang tropa pag may smoke sesh, chill and good times lang.
ganja>alcohol Wink
#ONELOVE <---------this sums it up Wink
i agree with everybody so far. i vouch for the feel-good, sublime vibes cannabis brings.

newbie here. hi everybody.
dati for relaxation, socials and to get my creative juices flowing
now mostly for medication: pain management, insomnia and depression
I rarely smoke cannabis, but i do eat it. It deepens my meditation, amplifies my senses and it makes everything about life more interesting. Weed-2 Weed-3 Weed-2
It sets me free from me.

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