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Banned and Spam
(12-08-2016, 11:00 AM)TheIntern Wrote:  Hello... Big sorry po.. nawalan ng update.  Nasira phone ko.. nalimutan ko password ko dito.   Sorry sorry.. mgupload ako maya

[Image: 728aaf1a4b22f4fd73dd3ab341312a1c.jpg]

[Image: 0676b0ecd3ad076e2ad9b49ec46ea37e.jpg]

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[Image: 9ebcde68daa5b4d4d0cfab0ef277bee2.jpg]

[Image: cc3f39312e146cb4f41137f6799e2dfe.jpg]

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Thanks to TheIntern, I'm planning to build one too.
- plastic wardrobe (found at divisoria)
- mylar foil (found at divisoria)
- grow lights (lazada)

TheIntern, can I discreetly buy seeds from you?
Hey man,could you hook me up?

(09-28-2014, 05:11 AM)HerbtheGreenThumb Wrote:  Hey guys i'm an American, but been livin' in the Philippines (Makati now) for more than 5 years now...I enjoy smoking weed and hash as well as any weed products like keef which is a powder, oil and stuff like that.  

The weed out here isn't all that amazing because a lot of growers don't tend to their plants very well but the price is good. I just wish we could get more quality stuff because honestly I accidentally found a seed in my suitcase after I had flown back to the USA once a few years back, and I planted it and it turned out completely different than local plants here, even though its a seed I got up in La Union, with some weed probably from the mountains nearby.  Well, im not trying to insult anyone, im just hoping this website and more open minded people in the government will help open the door for medical marijuana, and with that will come advancements in technology and education for the growers so we can get these seeds to produce the best they possibly can.

Mabuhay marijuana!  Smile

Nice to meet ya'll
pedi makiyabe kene? kaninu pedi kumwa.

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