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addiction & criminal behavior
[size=5][color=#008800]addiction is the continued use of a mood altering substance (liquor, prescribed drugs,
tobacco, coca, poppy, morphine, mdma, ayahuasca, mushrooms, cannabis, etc) or
hypnogogic persuasions (sex, religion, war, television, gambling, exercise, food)

despite adverse dependency consequences or neurological impairment
addictions aka habits provide immediate gratification or short-term reward

so then, if your parent or a relative or an online troll
were to chastise you over your so-called addiction
or pagmamariwana na yan putanginakang adik...
pleasantly remind the mr/ms 1-finger pointer
(but 3 fingers pointing at them hehe)
that whoever is without sin
may throw stones
or criticize
stoners have higher iqs than boozers
I breathe every 1-2 seconds, but i'm not addicted to it. I also constantly smoke weed all the time, but I often stop immediately by choice for long periods of time, sometimes up to 6 months. Then as I just find the interest to smoke again, I do. I guess different people have different addiction levels, but for me, it is completely and totally non-addictive.

Alcohol on the other hand is addictive. But we shouldn't make it illegal just because some people can't handle it. We should just use common sense.

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