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Share your current smoke with us
Anyone wanna share their current strain right now?
I just picked up an eight of northern lights

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Hi there Jayj, nicely manicured bud ya got there. we don't have names for our strains here. just regional landraces. imported hybrid strains are gr8, but I have ben loyal to a strain from kalinga for over a year now myself. (pure sativa, me likey!) Tongue




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Hindi ako susuko!-ko--ko--ko...
Hindi ako si Diego!-go--go--go...
this my grow ang my strain right now white russian

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there\'s so much more to cannabis than just getting high.
Good looking buds sirs! I'll be running out of bud this week or next. Fortunately my vape saves a lot of bud.
Very nice! I have yet to learn the way in PH Tongue thanks for telling me that the regions are separated instead of specific strains. I hope to take a tour of the PH and sample their specialties Smile Anyone wanna join my quest?
Present! Big Grin
Sa tingin pa lang ng mga stash niyo mga sir, parang nakaka-couch lock na agad. heheheh sarrrraaaapppp!!! kelan kya ako makakatikim ng mga foreign indicas? hmmm

Eto lng sa akin... again... Pre Mature Harvested Nuggets... pero i was able to acquire it freshly cut, that's why i was able to cure it myself. Local Sinse... Smile

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Good size, mukang swak ka na sa nakuha mo brad, hehe.
mamaya makaka smoke na din sa wakas hahahah post ako ng pics ng buds

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