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About Hemp
About Hemp
From A US rEVOLution to Philippine Perspective

Simply put, Hemp (Cannabis Sativa), marijuana's non-psychoactive cousin, is the most versatile plant on the planet. Almost 30,0000 different products (from fabric to car bodies, plastic to dynamite) can be made from hemp. Hemp is the best known source for ethanol. Hemp seeds are also the most nutritionally complete foodsource on the planet, containing all the essential amino acids and fatty acids, plus protein to carb ratio, necessary for healthy living. Hemp also requires no irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizer to grow.

Despite all of the above and thousands more applications, hemp remains illegal to grow in the United Stares. This is actually very ironic, considering America's long history with hemp. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp, the first U.S. flag was made out of hemp, and Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both owned and operated prosperous hemp farms.

The United States government's current stance on hemp is destructive to our environment, stifling huge economic potential, and supporting international hemp industries instead of our own. These counterproductive policies are based on ignorance and fear, not fact. Hemp is one of many doing what we can to spread the word on the great potential of hemp: the world's most useful plant.

Philippines has problems mostly on slow economy, energy crisis, depletion of forest, high cost of medicine, cities air pollution, etc. Guess what! There is such a plant that could substitute for all wood pulp paper, all fossil fuels, would make most of our fibers naturally, make everything from dynamite to plastic, grows everywhere and that one acre of it would replace 4.1 acres of trees, and that if you use in Philippines about 3 percent of the land to raise it as an energy crop - even on our marginal lands, this plant would produce all 1.5 quadrillion billion BTUs needed to run Philippines each year! The potential of Hemp is limitless. My friends, the solution is there, we have to talk about this, spread the news. We must not be left behind, we have been behind for too long. If we urged our congress to legalize the industrial use of Hemp, we would be in a much better place.

Hemp is a gold mine waiting to be planted and harvested. This is the reason why current Billionaires lobbied to politicians to make this illegal. We must recruit group of people to start our Hemp rEVOLution! Read, Learn, and Spread the News!

Randy Cuban

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In the 70's you could buy hemp seed in a pet shop in the UK. Grow it outside and get a good stone.
They treated the seeds so it does not produce THC like before. You can still get a mild stone from it though.
The Green Party tried to introduce commercial hemp growing but now the party is out of government.
Yeah but...let's be honest here

When was the last time this country has done anything to stimulate economic growth and create jobs for it's people, what with the uneducated and rather shit government it's had for the past...many, many years?

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