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Movies with marijuana
Movies with Your Bud with a BUD

The Big Lebowski (the DUDE! Jeff Bridges Yo!)

Half Baked (Have you seen Scent of a Woman? on weeeeeedddd?)

Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke
(cop: can i see your license Sir?
Cheech: what?
Cop: your license, where's your license?
Cheech: its on the bumper, back there man...)

Dude where's My Car (have you seen my car dude? dude wheres your car?)

History of Grass (american positioning though, documentary narrated by Woody Harelson)

Dave Chappelle (stand-ups or "The Chappelle Show")

Across the Universe (Beatles+Weed!)

Ancient Aliens (HAHA!Fucking Tube Swill!)

Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back (snoogans!)

Dogma (religious liberal shit)

Walk Hard : the Ballad of Dewey Cox
[after Dewey accidentally barges in a room filled with smoke and groupies]
Sam: [coughs] Get outta here, Dewey!
Dewey Cox: What are y'all doin' in here?
Sam: We're smoking reefer and you don't want no part of this shit.
Dewey Cox: You're smoking *reefers*?
Sam: Yeah, 'course we are; can't you smell it?
Dewey Cox: [Dewey doesn't have a sense of smell] No, Sam. I can't.
Reefer Girl: Come on, Dewey! Join the party!
[takes a hit off a joint]
Sam: No, Dewey, you don't want this. Get outta here!
Dewey Cox: You know what, I don't want no hangover. I can't get no hangover.
Sam: It doesn't give you a hangover!
Dewey Cox: Wha-I get addicted to it or something?
Sam: It's not habit-forming!
Dewey Cox: Oh, okay... well, I don't know... I don't want to overdose on it.
Sam: You can't OD on it!
Dewey Cox: It's not gonna make me wanna have sex, is it?
Sam: It makes sex even better!
Dewey Cox: Sounds kind of expensive.
Sam: It's the cheapest drug there is.
Dewey Cox: [at a loss and out of excuses] Hmm.
Sam: You don't want it!
Dewey Cox: I think I kinda want it.
Sam: Okay, but just this once. Come on in.

Movies with Your Bud with a BUD (PINOY)

Kakaba kaba ka ba? (bigyan nyo po kami ng tinapay!)

Bad Bananas sa Puting Tabing

Nasaan si Francis?

Basag ang Pula

Bayaning Third Wold (if you wanna be critical)

actually when you see these actors or actresses then makulit yung theme ng pelikula, riot yun!
(Michael De Mesa, Mark Gil, William Martinez (IDOL!), Gina Alahar, Charo Santos, Jay Ilagan (IDOL DIN!), Johnny Del Gado, si GRAND MASTER DYORDS JAVIER!, APO Hiking Society plus-plus...)
Super High Me - documentary about the effects of being sober for 30 days and being stoned for 30 days.

Grass - documentary din about marijuana

and most of all, EASY RIDER - classic road movie.

masarap din manood ng Woodstock (1970), you can feel the hippie generation.

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