• Support the Upcoming HB4477

    Isa ako sa mga sumusuporta sa Legalization ng Cannabis dito sa Pilipinas. Kaya sana sa dadarating na hearing sa August 11, (HB4477) kahit papano mamulat […]

  • History of Medical Cannabis

    (Sample page) History of medical cannabis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The history of medical cannabis can be traced thousands of years.   Ancient China and Taiwan[edit] […]

  • Hemp

    ( Sample Page) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about industrial and foodstuff products that are derived from hemp cultivars of the Cannabis plant. For […]

  • Medical Cannabis

    Sample Page From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cannabis indica fluid extract, American Druggists Syndicate, pre-1937. A dried bud of Trainwreck straincannabis Medical cannabis, or medical […]

  • 420 (Cannabis Culture)

    (Sample post from Wiki) 420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis and by extension, as a […]

  • Cannabis Cultivation

    ( Sample post from wiki ) This article presents common techniques and facts regarding the cultivation of the flowering plant Cannabis, primarily for the production […]

MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (AP) — Someone apparently inadvertently donated more than 100 grams of marijuana wh [...]

Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs. 1. Stay Grindin [...]

Dear Hyapatia, I was having beautiful sex with my girlfriend, when her big dog jumped on the bed and [...]

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — A U.S. Postal Service mail carrier in Tennessee and 24 other people have been [...]

Just in case you didn’t make it over the the Cannes Film Festival this year, let’s at least talk abo [...]


Looking for new suppliers with the goood shit guys haha. Love you all mga bro and mga sis. Meet up i [...]

Adеlаidа, 31, housеwifе: "I dіd а shallоw peеlіng fоr сlеаning. The rеsult wаs vеry gооd, I lіk [...]

I have a very active lifestyle and into some repetitive sports such as basketball, boxing, and wall [...]

Whats up guys, im new here in the highiscool, hope to meet hippy souls like myself peace out! [...]

I'm planning to build a space bucket, but I'm having trouble finding proper grow lights. I [...]

Hi Newbie here Need to ask some questions THANKYOU &t3 [...]

Peace and Unity from Makati! I'm writing to introduce myself. Medical MJ user here, been dealin [...]

Hi guys 1st ko mag post dito share ko lang sa inyo home grown ko na nakita ng nanay ko at pinag bubu [...]

Hello. And Bye. [...]

Just saying hi but this seems a dead forum for some reason, it's a nice site aswell, i have one [...]

Hey, Does anyone is this area still use the forums? Would be cool to get to know some like minded pe [...]

Wassup stoners! Conyo kid from Alabang here hahaha I've had kush from the states and honestly i [...]

DAY 4 1 MarsHydro 300 (Amazon) 1 generic led growlight (Lazada) 1 oscillating fan Sent from my Lenov [...]

High everyone! I hope all is well [...]

Kamusta sa inyong lahat. [...]

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