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First Grow outside of PH. 300w LED Scrog
Hi there! I recently moved out of the Philippines and ive decided to grow again. This is actually my first post here, and i wanted to share my progress with this page. Back in the Philippines i would grow in stealthy grow cabinets and my terrace.


Grow tent 2x2x3
2 3Gal pots
2 6" clip on fans
1x Heavyweight fruit punch feminized seed
1x Dr.kriplings Incredible bulk feminized seed

Using a soil medium. I used Fox Farms ocean forest with added perlite.


Fox farms big bloom
Fox farms grow big
Fox farms tiger bloom
Fox farms open sesame
Fox farms beastie bloomz
Fox farms chaching

Used extra string from my scarf to make scrog

Thinking of adding 2 plants in 1 gal containers in this tent too, i have an extra Diafem OG kush fem seed and another fruit punch

Any comment suggestions?

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Update!!! Day 25 of flowering

Og kush is flowering the fastest. Going to start flush to get rid of any nutes left in the soil.

Juciy fruit stretched alot! Biggest of them group but still has a few more weeks

Incredible bulk stopped stretching but is producing crazy amounts of resin, has a very sweet berry smell.

Follow my Instagram @Munchkateers for more pics. Im having trouble uploading them here
sorry for not using tor earlier
hey buddy! @Doni_danko, just wanna ask if you have tried buying Dinafem seeds to be shipped here in the Philippines? I'd love to try but I got doubts.. can u give some advice? thanks a lot!
How's your grow?
Saan kayo bumibili ng mga fox Farm products? Ramgo lng na brand na kikita ko available dito sa PH.

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