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DMT/Spirit molecule/ Ayahuasca
I've been researching for this for the past few days and seriously wanna experience this. Do anyone know where could get some of DMT plants? Or whats the common plant here in the Phil that has a same effect. Since then I'm really interested in paranormal activities, religious stuff and spirituality. I've been reading alot about that kind of stuff for years and a friend of mine told me about DMT and its effects. So anyone out there that could help me feed my curiosity and I would gladly tell my experience after taking this. And for the past years I been seeking for an enlightenment and I read about an article that Dmt has an enlightenment effect and "awareness". Someone out there kind enough to help me out please!
. nice thread, want to try DMT too.
Do you know where to avail?
(07-14-2013, 01:44 AM)Productive Stoner Wrote:  DMT pare..

Pangarap ko ang DMT. May makukuhanan ba dito sa Pinas? Subukan ko maghanap ng ugat ng acacia confusa sa probinsya.

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